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(Message started by: MDPED on 09/01/14 16:46:30)

Title: ͧ駤Թԡҹҹ
MDPED on 09/01/14 16:46:30
ͧ駤Թԡ (դм˭繻Сѹѧ) ԹԡԴһҳ 15  ͧͧҡҷӤ  駤Թԡ .- .ͧ .ҹ оҹ (оҹũ)  ҹػó, 250,000 ҷ  (֡͹)   081-4444090

Title: Re: ��ͧ����駤�Թԡ�������ҹ����
Jaclyn on 01/11/17 20:55:45
Thanks for the info, ‘Apocolypse Now’, another great film i totally forgot about, i stand corrected on missing mentioning that masterpiece. You think Ford phoned it in on “Star Wars’,'Empire’,'Raiders’,'Blade Ru&,8r&#e221;Temple’,'Witnessn#8217;n'Crusade’,'Fugitive’,'Present Danger’,'Air Force One’,etc, come on now, really?

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