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(Message started by: kulaya on 03/06/13 10:32:27)

Title: Re: þ.ͧطû 02-7542800-9ѺѤʡѵ
kulaya on 03/06/13 10:32:27

on 03/06/13 10:24:21, kulaya wrote:
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Title: Re: þ.���ͧ��طû������ 02-7542800-9�Ѻ��
Lenna on 01/11/17 20:05:43
Robyn, that’s interesting thank you – so it’s not just people with similar values, but also people with attitudes, chraectaristics and behaviours we admire but don’t necessarily model ourselves.  Your love of humour is evident, and I know it’s how you and Brad became friends, which can only be a very good thing

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