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ҡس: thian001 ѹ: 09/23/14 15:28:09
֧ͧ Ⱦ ءҹ
   ᾷʵ . ѺѤᾷع ӹǹ ع ҢҴѧ仹
   ҸԷ        ع
    ǪʵءԹ       ع
    Ǫʵͺ         ع
    ҷʵ        ع
    ٵ-Ǫ        ع
     ¡      ع
     ѭԷ           ع
 ͧʹ㨢ѤüҹʶҺѹͧ ǹ  
     բʧͺ  .ê  ¸Թ
ҡس: Kailin ѹ: 01/11/17 20:00:05
Hey Jessica. I wish the whole Internet had been around when I was a teenager! Or do I? Hmd'n..mo.mt know. That's a thought for another time.I might have to come and crash your west wing watching sometime. I love West Wing and we haven't seen the last 2 seasons yet.

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