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Title: Fractional CO2 & FRM as One, USFDA certified & endorsed by research
ส่งโดย Sergei-Rachmaninof on 01/15/20 เวลา 17:53:45
High Power CO2 Laser plus Micro-Needle Frational RF

Our system is a combining CO2 laser and micro-needle fractional RF technology, for optimal result of scars and phot-aging. CO2 fractional is ebabling intense superticial stimulation and micro-needle fractional RF provides higher volumetric heating and deeper heat diffusion. Such complementary effects could encourage physicians to combine two technologies for an effective treatment for various indications.

Notable Indications
- Tone & Texture
- Pore Reduction
- Wrinker Reduction
- Skin Lifting & Tightening
- Acne Scar
- Whitening
- Resurfacring
- Stetch Mark
- Hyperhidrosis
- Keratosis Pilaris
- Urinary Incontinence
- Vaginal Tightening

All of outs products have proof of 100% legitimacy (Import Tax/License/Titled FDA Certification, ...) A client may ask for declaration, We do not distribute any products which have an origin in China. We house a top notch/experienced/certified engineer/technician to provide our customers' services for good. There are no underlying malpractices

You can submit to request demonstration in your favor via: 086-994-4145 (Line application is also available), We are located in Bangkok

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